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How Pest Control Services Work

Basic Service General Pest Control

A basic service includes a full interior spray along with an exterior service to all landscaped areas of the yard. Most areas of treatment will be sprayed with a liquid chemical that leaves a residue which the bugs come in contact with and die or are repelled from the area. This process is not a miracle or magic—it does take time and you will see some bugs as the process is carried out. After an initial service it is very common to notice more bugs for the first week after the treatment due to the fact that they are sick and aren’t concerned with being concealed for protection.

Pests not covered under basic service: termites, scorpions, bedbugs, German roaches, ticks, and bees. These pests are susceptible to the poison and will die, but are not covered under the 30 day guarantee.

This service Starts with an initial cleanout service and $60 payment. Then, you pick your frequency as you see necessary (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or occasionally)—it’s up to you—no contract.


Premium Service

A Premium Service contract includes all basic pests plus specialty pests including: scorpions, bedbugs, German roaches, ticks, and bees. This service includes rodents as well.

This service is a 1 year contract with a $50 payment each month.

Specialty Cleanout Service

Some services must start with a specialty cleanout. This is a plan with 3 services scheduled bi-weekly (every other week) and must be kept on this schedule to interrupt the breeding cycle of the pests or to keep the residue level high for harder to control pests. This service is $180 dollars for the first three services and we will keep up the guarantee for this particular specialty pest as long as you stay on a monthly plan after the specialty cleanout is complete.

All above plans are recommendations and are not required to have service with us. We are happy to accommodate any service you have or have in mind. Guarantees will be discussed on alternate service plans.

Basic Service General Pest Control

No contact

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Premium Service

1-year Contract

MonthlyCall for a Competitive Quote

Specialty Cleanout Services

We will continue a guarantee for the pest being treated if you keep up a monthly service.

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